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 The company has produced “Research In Motion, the Canadian” phone “BlackBerry Bold 9700,” is running “BlackBerry 5.0” and is characterized by elegant appearance, and includes more of the icons and colors of the brightest, as well as an amazing bunch of features.

Wide screen and up “Bold 9700” 2.4-inch and the degree of clarity and 480 × 360 pixels, which makes viewing images and video clips in which more than wonderful. And caused by the camera at a resolution of 3.2 megapixel is equipped with a light flash and zoom feature pictures and auto-focus and the possibility of recording video clips.

The dimensions of the device and 4.3 × 2.4 × 0.6 inches, as does not exceed the weight 119.06 grams. And provides a phone to make calls using wireless technology to the Internet “Wi – Fi”, as technology improves the sound in the receipt where it was weak network.

Foundation produced “OpenOffice” competition for Microsoft Corp. of America a new multi-button mouse is based on
The “open source” software package for users of the “Open Office” for word processing and spreadsheets.

And includes “OpenOffice Mouse” eighteen button programmer for the implementation of 52 is, as well as rotating the mouse wheel and built-in memory Vlacip, extending capacity to 512 KB.

Mouse and are ideal when used in computer games such as the famous “Call of Duty” and “World of Warcraft,” did not specify the date the Foundation so far put forward new mouse markets.

Researchers found in northern Greece on the teeth of the giant animals like Balfel, from pre-history lived in Europe more than two million year, and is believed to be the largest of its kind to be found.

The Balfel-like animal known as the “Mistodon” Mastodon, which is also similar to Balmamut, but Judd was similar to straight, not curved Koniab Mammoth, as well as the different teeth, according to the Associated Press.

Canines were found on the huge, 400 km north of the Greek capital, Athens, which was disclosed as well as several prehistoric animals over the past decades.

The excavation team said that the length of a giant Fangs was about 5 meters, with the length of Canine other about 4.5 meters.

Napin found with the lower and upper jaws of Mistodon, which are bringing together a number of teeth, also found the bones of the feet, according to the Tsukala Evangelina, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Theselounk, who led the research team.

Tsukala said: “To find the five-meter-long tusk is really amazing .. is that the discovery is extremely important that these parts of the skull we can come to conclusions about this animal and its development .. We also look for the causes of extinction

A team of international scientists deciphered the genetic DNA of the two genes Morothyn believed they raise the risk of multiple sclerosis nervous – a disability that affects a kind of central nervous system cells – by 30%.

They said scientists – the United States and Europe – in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, they are the first gene confirmed in connection with this disabling neurological impairment. The study pointed out that this discovery – the first of its kind in decades – will contribute significantly to the development of treatment could hamper the development of the disease.

The MS is one of the most common neurological diseases in the world, suffer from some two million people across the world.

Deployed in high-altitude areas, where less ultraviolet radiation


In light of economic prosperity and environmental highlights Japan as a woman, although this description adversely affect the country’s wealth of the productive energies of youth in the policy of reducing reproduction followed by most Japanese, however, the evolution of his achievements in providing comfort to people regardless of age category.

The study, the number of Japanese aged hundred years or more will mark a record high of more than 32 thousand by next month.

The one in five Japanese is aged 65 years or more by mid century the number will double, while expected to decline census thirty percent of the population of 90 million people.

According to the study conducted by the government recently, the Japanese now account for 86 percent of the population in their own age a hundred years or more and the number of 27,682 Japanese.

It is possible to expect girls born last year to be entitled to live 8 .85 in the Mediterranean. The males who were born last year are expected to live to the age of 79 years to occupy second place behind men in Iceland with an average age of 79.4 years.

Japan recently celebrated the Day of great respect for Japan, home to the oldest in the world, Tomuji Tanabe, who says the Kyodo news agency that he would be 112 years old within days. According to Reuters.

The researchers say that diet and improved health care and medical reasons for the high average age in Japan, Watanabe says the secret of good health is not smoking or drinking.

Look to the robot to assist aging

It looks as if the washing machine mounted on wheels but this huge machine that cleaned the corridors of a high-rise buildings in Tokyo is only human to me (robot).

Japanese researchers hope to find in the organs of robots such as robot to answer the urgent question is looming on the horizon .. How Japan will face the problem of increasing population decline with the aging workforce?

Indeed, the cleaning machine developed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. to clean up the ground in a dozen buildings in various parts of Japan, including a skyscraper 54 stories high in central Tokyo.

This robot at night after leaving the staff offices. It used the elevator to move from floor to another.

The message warns human passengers appear automatically with the start of the operation of robot wheels and moved inland, saying “the elevator in the case of cleaning. Please do not ride the elevator


Izinoa used to the walls of their rooms images of small cats and cartoon characters, they give their address from the land of sweets (Kandeland) and aged up to 103 and they are yearning for true love.

Welcome to the world public secret that despite very young adolescents, who flocked to the collective social communication sites on the Internet to chat with friends and to answer the urgent question of permanent adolescence, “Who am I?”

Although these sites on the Internet aimed mainly those in their twenties are interested in free-music sites such as MySpace, owned by News Corporation Foundation was able to attract a huge number of school students and researchers say it is not difficult to see why.

At the same time as the real world that is more dangerous with the kidnappers of children languishing in every corner of children flock to the Internet to spend time with friends and express their hopes and dreams and Evdon Bsraiarham frankly, are usually painful and often without knowledge of their parents who do not know how to deal With the technology.

Said Danah Boyd (28) a PhD in philosophy and social media researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, “We have a complete culture of fear.”

  “The fact there is no place where children can not be controlled permanent.” Are transported to and from school and go to concerts with escorts and lack of public transport are no longer children from the American middle class is free to spend some time in a park or to play Bowling or riding bicycles in the streets of suburbs without being controlled, as they have done before 20 Years. Boyd said “many of those in public is near the transition to adulthood disappear. So kids are creating social spaces within those areas under control.”

The number of visitors to MySpace, based in California to more than 73 million people in two years, making it the second largest after Yahoo in terms of the number of times browser. There are other sites popular with teenagers, including online and Vrindstr tagged online and orkut online.

Most members live and MySpace in the United States, however, British version was launched this year and Australia will be next. According to the company’s research, more than half of those between the ages of 15 and 20 years of Internet surfers using MySpace. They use the site’s design technology to create personal “spaces” that resemble the Treasury for student school cross between a secret diary.

The researchers say that most adolescents who are in their twenties use the site more for friendship, sharing music and arranging meetings and parties.

The adolescents younger set use it to chill with known friends and their own identity. And some construct fantasy lives of vast wages, luxury cars and say they are looking for “prostitutes to live” with them. Still others admit they are influential Grebo stages in the world today because they love movies such as boring (the music).

Ross said Dawson adviser networks and the President of the Future Exploration Network “Building identity important issue in adolescence. Majority feel they do not fit


The company has produced “HTC” of Taiwan on Wednesday announced the launch of a phone “to HD” by early next year, the United States. And works as a phone operating system “Windows Mobile 6.5” and equipped with a touch screen 4.3 inches wide and the degree of purity of 480 × 800 pixels, and processor speed of 1 gigahertz.

And up the brightness of a 5-megapixel camera phone, equipped with auto-focus feature. The speed of device 1 GHz processor, which makes it suitable for all uses. As demonstrated by the application of the social networking site “Twitter”. The company is shopping “to HD” is currently in both Europe and Asia.

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